We understand that major abdominal surgery can be daunting.  We do our utmost to ensure you have the most comfortable and rapid recovery.

If you are being admitted on the day of your surgery then we encourage you to continue to drink clear fluid (but ONLY clear fluids) up to two hours prior to your admission to hospital.  This is based on current best practice guidelines.  If you have recieved other advice from the hospital or your surgeon please contact us to clarify.

We will see you prior to your procedure, either in  our rooms several days prior to, or on the day of your surgery.  We will take a history, examine you and then discuss the best anaesthetic options for you.  Almost all major abdominal surgery is performed under a general anaesthetic, although this is often supplemented with an epidural.  The epidural is used both during the operation to help reduce the stress on your body of the surgery and to provide you with pain relief after the operation.  Alternatively to an epidural in some cases we will inject local anaesthetic into the abdominal wall before you wake up.  We will often prescribe a special pain  killing drip called patient controlled analgesia. This is a drip of pain killer with a button that you push when you feel you need more pain relief.  The pump is programmed for safety so that you are unable to give yourself too much.

As well as looking after your pain relief after your operation we will also prescribe you any anti nausea and vomiting drugs you require.  If you have other medical problems we will help your surgeon and/or your physician manage those in the post operative period.