Our research department is headed up by Jo Harding.  Jo has considerable experience in both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, including laboratory bench work, field research, and clinical research. 

Our continuous quality improvement program assists in delivering care that is based in sound research evidence at all times. This includes pre and peri operative management for diabetic patients and patients with chronic or complex medical conditions.

Our research services are available to all clinicians and fellow researchers in the region, however we give preference to projects in collaboration with our regular surgeons. Decisions on issues such as administration, project management, authorship and funding will be made on an individual project basis, depending on the needs for your project. Should you have a clinical or professional issue you would like to examine please do not hesitate to call Jo for discussion.

We currently have two projects in the preliminary stages, one examining coagulation factors in pregnant patients, and the second looking for antibodies in patients who report allergies to opioids.